by Lily Jack

Creating “Green” furniture for today’s conscious consumer based on our commitment to responsible manufacturing. The utilization of sustainable materials and recycled products is not a choice…it’s our social responsibility. In working with this exciting initiative, we continue to maintain the level of quality and service our clients have grown accustomed to.


All raw wood materials are purchased from local suppliers involved in the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). We have relationships with AHLP (Appalachian Hardwood Lumber Producers) which operate under a growth/removal ratio of 2.29. This means that 2.29 more wood has been grown in the Appalachian forests than has been removed, on an annual basis. Our metal springs and mechanisms are made from post-consumer recycled steel materials.


All finishes can be produced with water based materials containing little or no VOC emissions, are bio-degradable, and have exceptional durability.


We offer two different options for our “Green” foam.
1. We offer our bio-cell foam which is a plant enhanced product. Instead of using the traditional all-petrochemical structure to manufacture the product, a plant based renewable oil made from soy beans is utilized.
2. We provide a recycled foam system for our top quality cushioning which utilizes remnants that are CA117 or TB133 compliant.


Our cartons are made from recycled material and are 100% recyclable. We recycle all cardboard materials received into our factory.


We invest in innovative machinery in an effort to reduce material waste and increase efficiencies throughout the production process. We have put in a air-quality control system that reduces harmful substances. We have invested in energy efficient fluorescent lighting, reducing our impact on the environment.

Recycling Programs:

Wood, Saw Dust, Foam, Paper, Glass, Aluminum, Plastic, Cardboard Cartons

“Lily Jack doesn’t have a choice anymore”

Lisa Villarreal – President and CEO

By recycling and choosing responsible manufacturing practices, Lily Jack continues to implement the “right” way of doing business. We are looking towards the future, are you?

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